Compression support

Our images of Apache HBase support compressed column families. We support the following compression algorithms for all HBase 2.4 versions:

  • GZip

  • Snappy

Later versions of HBase might support a different set of compression algorithms.

See the HBase documentation for the details on how to enable compression for specific column families.

Here is one example on how to use the HBase Shell to create a table with a single column family that uses the Snappy algorithm for compression:

hbase:014:0> create 'COMPRESSION_TEST', {NAME => 'cf1', COMPRESSION => 'SNAPPY'}
Took 1.1206 seconds
=> Hbase::Table - COMPRESSION_TEST
hbase:015:0> put 'COMPRESSION_TEST', 'row_XYZ', 'cf1', 'abc123'
Took 0.0087 seconds
hbase:016:0> scan 'COMPRESSION_TEST'
ROW                                           COLUMN+CELL
 row_XYZ                                      column=cf1:, timestamp=2023-10-20T10:46:03.509, value=abc123
1 row(s)
Took 0.0047 seconds