Connecting Apache Druid clusters

The operator can automatically connect Superset to Apache Druid clusters managed by the Stackable Druid Cluster.

To do so, create a DruidConnection resource:

kind: DruidConnection
  name: superset-druid-connection
    name: superset
    namespace: default
    name: my-druid-cluster
    namespace: default

The name and namespace in spec.superset refer to the Superset cluster that you want to connect. Following our example above, the name is superset.

In spec.druid you specify the name and namespace of your Druid cluster.

The namespace part is optional; if it is omitted it will default to the namespace of the DruidConnection.

The namespace for both the Superset and Druid clusters can be omitted, in which case the Operator will assume that they are in the same namespace as the DruidConnection.

Once the database is initialized, the connection will be added to the cluster by the operator. You can see it in the user interface under Data > Databases:

Superset databases showing the connected Druid cluster