Product information

This page contains concrete specifications about the Stackable Data Platform (SDP) as a product, which components are included, how they are supplied and which external dependencies exist that you as a customer need to take care of.

Platform components

The Stackable Platform is made up of multiple components. Operators for data products, Operators for additional functionality to facilitate easy integration between the different products, as well as the data products themselves. Auxiliary software to interact with the platform, as well as software to ease the deployment of platform components.

Data products and Kubernetes Operators

The main components of the SDP are a set of open source data products. The SDP control plane consists of corresponding Kubernetes Operators. Each Operator is supplied in a Docker container image. For every Operator there is also a Helm Chart to facilitate installation via Helm. Operators for Products supported by the Platform deploy these products as containers in Kubernetes.

Supported products:

The product also includes the Open Policy Agent, and operators that provide additional functionality for managing and control SDP: Commons, Secret and Listener Operator.

The pages linked above also detail the use cases and features supported by each component. You can find additional information in the release notes. Refer to the list of supported product versions to find out which product versions are supported.


stackablectl is a command line utility that makes it easier to install and interact with Stackable components.

Supported installation methods

Operators and products

All operators are supplied in container images. The products are also deployed in container images. The docker images are available for download here:

Stackable supports installing the Operators via Helm or with stackablectl. Every Operator includes installation instructions in the Getting started guide.

Helm Charts

The Helm Charts can be found here: Using the Helm Charts requires Helm version 3 or above.


stackablectl is available for download, pre-built binaries are available on GitHub. The download link and installation steps are provided in the installation.

System requirements


Every Operator needs:

  • 0.2 cores (i.e. i5 or similar)

  • 256MB RAM


Hardware requirements and supported operating systems can be found in the system requirements section of the stackablectl documentation.

Stackable Data Platform Open Source Products

The system requirements of each open source product depend on your specific use case. In the demos you can find example use cases; every demo also has a System requirements section which can provide a guideline for system sizing. Further example sizings can be found at<product>-operator-it-summary/ (where <product> is i.e. druid, hbase, etc.) in the cluster-info.txt file. These are the cluster sizes used for integration tests, and can be regarded as working cluster configurations.

Prerequisites and required external components

Required external components are components that are required for the platform or parts of it to operate, but are not part of the Stackable Data Platform. Note that Stackable does neither distribute nor offer support for the external components.


A Kubernetes cluster is required to install the Stackable Data Platform. The supported Kubernetes versions are:

  • 1.21

  • 1.22

  • 1.23

There are various Kubernetes distributions. Stackable supports:

Product specific dependencies

The following products have required external components to run:

  • Apache Airflow

  • Apache Druid

  • Apache Hive

  • Apache Superset

Optional and technology preview components

Optional components

Stackable software can be used with sample configurations and third-party components, as outlined in the relevant documentation. These external components are not part of of the stackable products and can be used by the customer at their own risk. Stackable does not distribute these components and does not offer support for them. (See Platform components above for a list of the supported components that are part of the platform)

Technology preview components

Some functionality of the platform might be labelled as technology preview. Stackable does not offer support for technology preview components, and therefore discourages their use in a production setting. Using these features/components is done so at your own risk. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements on preview components. Neither Stackable nor third parties or licensees are obligated to distribute technology preview components or include them into the product. Technology preview components might be discontinued at any time.