Data storage backends

Hive does not store data, only metadata. It can store metadata about data stored in various places. The Stackable Operator currently supports S3 and HFS.

S3 support

Hive supports creating tables in S3 compatible object stores. To use this feature you need to provide connection details for the object store using the S3Connection in the top level clusterConfig.

An example usage can look like this:

      host: minio
      port: 9000
      accessStyle: Path
        secretClass: simple-hive-s3-secret-class

Apache HDFS support

As well as S3, Hive also supports creating tables in HDFS. You can add the HDFS connection in the top level clusterConfig as follows:

    configMap: my-hdfs-cluster # Name of the HdfsCluster

Read about the Stackable Operator for Apache HDFS to learn more about setting up HDFS.