Allowed Pod disruptions

You can configure the permitted Pod disruptions for Trino nodes as described in Allowed Pod disruptions.

Unless you configure something else or disable the provided PodDisruptionBudgets (PDBs), the following PDBs are written:


The provided PDBs only allow a single coordinator to be offline at any given time, regardless of the number of replicas or roleGroups.


Normally users deploy multiple workers to speed up queries, handle multiple queries in parallel or to just have enough memory available in the Cluster to execute a big query.

Taking this into consideration, the operator uses the following algorithm to determine the maximum number of workers allowed to be unavailable at the same time:

num_workers is the number of workers in the Trino cluster, summed over all roleGroups.

// As users normally scale Trino workers to achieve more performance, we can safely take out 10% of the workers.
let max_unavailable = num_workers / 10;

// Clamp to at least a single node allowed to be offline, so we don't block Kubernetes nodes from draining.
let max_unavailable = max(max_unavailable, 1)

This results e.g. in the following numbers:

Number of workers

Maximum unavailable workers

1 - 9


10 - 19


20 - 29


30 - 39


100 - 109


Reduce rolling redeployment durations

The default PDBs of the operator are pessimistic and will cause the rolling redeployment to take a considerable amount of time. As an example, in a cluster with 100 workers, 10 workers are restarted at the same time. Assuming a worker takes 5 minutes to properly restart, the whole redeployment will take (100 nodes / 10 nodes simultaneous * 5 minutest = ) 50 minutes.

You can use the following measures to speed this up:

  1. Increase maxUnavailable using the spec.workers.roleConfig.podDisruptionBudget.maxUnavailable field as described in Allowed Pod disruptions.

  2. Write your own PDBs as described in Using you own custom PDBs.

In case you modify or disable the default PDBs, it is your responsibility to make sure there are enough workers available to manage the existing workload and performance requirements!