Cluster operations

Stackable operators offer different cluster operations to control the reconciliation process. This is useful when updating operators, debugging or testing of new settings:

  • reconciliationPaused - Stop the operator from reconciling the cluster spec. The status will still be updated.

  • stopped - Stop all running pods but keep updating all deployed resources like ConfigMaps, Services and the cluster status.


kind: MyCluster
  name: my-cluster
    reconciliationPaused: false (1)
    stopped: false (2)
1 The clusterOperation.reconciliationPaused flag set to true stops the operator from reconciling any changes to the cluster spec. The cluster status is still updated.
2 The clusterOperation.stopped flag set to true stops all pods in the cluster. This is done by setting all deployed StatefulSet replicas to 0.


If not specified, clusterOperation.reconciliationPaused and clusterOperation.stopped default to false.

When setting clusterOperation.reconciliationPaused and clusterOperation.stopped to true in the same step, clusterOperation.reconciliationPaused will take precedence. This means the cluster will stop reconciling immediately and the stopped field is ignored. To avoid this, the cluster should first be stopped and then paused.