Stackable Operator for Apache HDFS

The Stackable Operator for Apache HDFS is used to set up HFDS in high-availability mode. It depends on the Stackable Operator for Apache ZooKeeper to operate a ZooKeeper cluster to coordinate the active and standby NameNodes.

This operator only works with images from the Stackable repository


Three roles of the HDFS cluster are implemented:

Kubernetes objects

The operator creates the following K8S objects per role group defined in the custom resource.

  • Service - ClusterIP used for intra-cluster communication.

  • ConfigMap - HDFS configuration files like core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml and are defined here and mounted in the pods.

  • StatefulSet - where the replica count, volume mounts and more for each role group is defined.

In addition, a NodePort service is created for each pod labeled with that exposes all container ports to the outside world (from the perspective of K8S).

In the custom resource you can specify the number of replicas per role group (NameNode, DataNode or JournalNode). A minimal working configuration requires:

  • 2 NameNodes (HA)

  • 1 JournalNode

  • 1 DataNode (should match at least the clusterConfig.dfsReplication factor)

Supported Versions

The Stackable Operator for Apache HDFS currently supports the following versions of HDFS:

  • 3.2.2

  • 3.3.1

  • 3.3.3

  • 3.3.4

Docker image

docker pull<version>