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This page contains information about our products and relevant links you might need during development.

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Apache Airflow

Apache Druid

Apache HBase

Apache Hadoop (HDFS)

Apache Hive (Metastore)

Apache Kafka

Apache NiFi

Apache Spark on Kubernetes

Apache Superset

Apache ZooKeeper



There are a few other important repositories that come up frequently:

Name GitHub repository Description


A Rust library with common functionality for our operators

Secret Operator

Manages/generates Kubernetes secrets, and mounts them into pods using CSI


This repository exists solely for the purpose of tracking issues related to the Stackable Platform in general. Large topics that impact many or even all of the platform components are discussed here. There is no code in this repository.


Platform wide documentation, such as this page, are hosted here. This repository has references to documentation that is hosted in individual operator repositories (see above). It is the main source from which the public Documentation page is generated. The documentation is written in AsciiDoc format and processed with Antora

Docker Images

The Stackable Platform can be used to install and run up several open-source products such as Apache Kafka or Trino. Container images of these products hosted on the Stackable Repository Manager and the sources hosted in this repository.

NOTE: Operators host their Dockerfiles in their own repository.

Integration Tests

The Stackable Operators are tested in many environments and across cloud providers. Integration tests are currently driven by Kuttl and are hosted here.


Integration testing across different versions and cloud providers is being developed here.

Operator Templating

Stackable develops and maintains a growing number of operators for open source software.

The high level structure of the repository is consistent across all repositories, which in the past has led to repetitive maintenance tasks in many repositories even for small changes.

This repository is intended to help with these changes by keeping common files as templates and offering tooling to roll these out to all repositories that are under management by this tool.