Pod placement

You can configure the Pod placement of the Druid pods as described in Pod placement.

The default affinities created by the operator are:

  1. Distribute all Pods within the same role (brokers, coordinators, historicals, middle-managers, routers) (weight 70)

Some of the Druid roles do frequently communicate with each other. To address this, some affinities will be created to attract these roles:

For brokers:

  1. Co-locate with historicals (weight 60)

  2. Co-locate with middle-managers (weight 40)

For routers:

  1. Co-locate with brokers (weight 40)

For historicals and middle-managers:

  1. Co-locate the middle-managers and historicals with the hdfs datanodes if hdfs is used as deep storage (weight 50)

For coordinators:

  • No affinities