The Platform overview is a good starting point to understand the Stackable Data Platform covering the overall architecture, deployement and configuration.

General configuration mechanisms

Learn about Roles and role groups, how product image selection works. There is also the common override mechanism for configuration settings, although this tool should be used with care!


Learn about how Resource management are configured; this covers CPU, memory and storage. Learn about how S3 resources are configured across the platform. Learn about how to access ARM64-support.


Many Platform components depend on other components or expose functionality that you can connect to. This connectivity is achived with service discovery ConfigMaps. To access your Stackable operated products from outside the Kuberenetes cluster learn more about Service exposition.


Security aspects include authenticating users when services are accessed and subsequently authorizing access to operations and data inside of the services. It also includes TLS server verification.


The operations section is directed at platform maintainers. It covers starting, stopping and restarts of products, Graceful shutdown and other topics related to maintenance and ensuring stability of the platform operation.


Learn about which labels are attached to the operators and the stacklets and the resources that get created by the operator. Also learn about Logging.