Stackable Documentation

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Getting started

Get started with the Stackable Data Platform or a specific operator.

Demos and tutorials

Run a demo data processing pipeline or follow a tutorial to learn about the platform hands-on.

Concept explanation

Read concept explanation to gain a better understanding of how the Stackable Data platform works, or how a specific feature works.

Product operator docs

Read documentation for a specific product operator. This includes a general overview, a getting started guide and specific feature usage guides.

CRD reference

Read the CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) reference for all CRDs that are deployed by any Stackable operator.


Learn more about the tooling that supports the Stackable Data Platform; the stackablectl CLI utility and the Stackable Cockpit Web UI.

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Release Notes

The Stackable platform consists of multiple operators that work together. Periodically a platform release is made, including all components of the platform at a specific version. See the latest release notes here.