Configuration, environment & Pod overrides

The Stackable Data Platform supports overrides in config files, environment variables and Pod templates. Read more about overrides on the overrides concepts page.

Overriding some settings like port numbers can cause your cluster to malfunction!

Configuration overrides

Trino configuration is stored in several files listed below. The configuration overrides menchanism allows you to customize parameters in these files; consult the Trino documentation to find out which settings available.

Confiuration overrides are applied like so:

  # ...
  configOverrides:  (1)
      http-server.authentication.oauth2.principal-field: preferred_username  (2)
  # ...
1 The file where you want to override a setting.
2 The config setting and the value to set it to.

Configuration overrides can be applied to:



Configuration overrides in the TrinoCatalog

The TrinoCatalog also supports configuration overrides:

  # ...
    hive.s3.upload-acl-type: BUCKET_OWNER_FULL_CONTROL
  # ...

Note how you do not need to specify a filename here.

Environment overrides

Environment variables can be (over)written by adding the envOverrides property:

  # ...
  # ...

Pod overrides

Pod overrides allow you to specify a PodTemplateSpec. Consult the Pod overrides concept documentation for more information.